APS administration clears self of inappropriate behavior

In the Journal this morning, link, we found that an investigation of APS by APS found no wrong doing by APS.

The investigation was conducted by APS School Police detectives.  The APS Police force reports directly to and only to, the leadership of the APS.  As a police force they are without certification or accreditation by anyone but themselves.  They are accountable to no one except themselves.

The very act of self investigation creates the appearance of a conflict of interests; the same administration that conducted the investigation had a manifest interest in finding no wrong doing. 

It is a conflict of interests on its face.

APS was not required to conduct this investigation themselves.  At best, the law may "allow" them to self-investigate allegations of their own felony criminal misconduct.

If not in violation of the law, they appear to have conducted the investigation in violation of a Memorandum of Understanding with Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston.  They had assured him that they would hand over investigations of what may be felony criminal misconduct, to the APD or BCSO for their impartial and independent investigation.

Why would the leadership of the APS choose to self investigate in the face of a manifest conflict of interests?

Why wouldn't they?  Who's going to do anything about it?

Obviously the Journal sees nothing wrong with APS' ongoing self investigations nor with the cover ups of criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

An important distinction needs to be pointed out. If the APD or BCSO had conducted this investigation, either of them would produce the public records of their investigation in response to a request for public records.  Because this is APS investigating itself, few if any public records will have been created and, those that were will secreted from public knowledge because the investigation was "internal" and a "personnel issue" and therefore not subject to the requirements of the Inspection of Public records Act except on "the order of a judge in the highest court of competent jurisdiction".

Consider that these are the very same folks who have been hiding the truth about corruption in the leadership of the APS Police force since 2007, link.  Felonies were committed and APS never surrendered any of the evidence of them to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Statutes of limitation were allowed to expire, no charges were ever filed.

The Journal knew about it, the Journal knows about it and the Journal continues to aid and abet in the cover up of the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS.

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